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“What happens when the formal, ephemeral, intuitive, cultural and spiritual co-exist? You get new engagements… Non-Objective art is full of “invisible realities” that address our times, beyond the language of abstraction and its great history. To expand its definition beyond formalism and reductive art, we are seeking post 20th-century makers, creating innovative work that is grounded in new approaches. This might embody sensory experiences or philosophical inquiry or experimental processes and techniques”. Suzan Shutan

13 February - 02 March 2024                                                         Opening reception: Thursday Feb 15, 2024 0500 - 8-00 pm

Review: Artspiel

Reflections on the work of contemporary artists

This is The Future of Non-Objective Art

Feb. 24/2024

March 2024

Review: Whitehot Magazine

2024 Colburn, M., This is The Future of Non-Objective Art. Atlantic Gallery NYC. Exhibition Review. Whitehot Magazine. Mar. 2024. New York. United States

judith duquemin_copyright 2023_transformations_series perceiving_acrylic on canvas_30 cm sq x 5 Virtual Exhibition No. 12 / A.R.C. GROUP (Art Research Center Kansas City/Mo. USA)

 Produced and curated by Erdem Küçükköroğlu &

T. Michael Stevens. Istanbul, Turkey 22 May - 18 June 2023

REVIEW by Robert Richardson

My review of the A.R.C. 55th Anniversary Exhibition

Here is a link to my review of the A.R.C. 55th Anniversary Exhibition. It’s an online exhibition, which ends on 18 June (until then, there is a link to it in the third line of my text).


judith duquemin. copyright . 2023 codified construction #1. acrylic on canvas.

50 cm sq.

RECENT. 04 -13 May, 2023. Vernissage Mercredi 03. 1800 - 2100 hours

Splitting the Square" (Diviser le Carré). Curated by: Jean-Luc Manguin and Kleopatra Moursela. Galerie Abstract Projects. Paris, France


judith duquemin_copyright 2023_codified construction #3_acrylic on canvas_41 x 51 cm. SOLD


"ARC 55 ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION". Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia. Curated by Darko Fritz. Artists to be announced.


"Discursive Geometry and More".

Edited by: Wieslaw Luczaj.

Published by: Goldenmark 2022.

Includes the essay: "Aperiodic Tessellation and Artistic Knowledge".

Author: Judith Duquemin

Link/ publication:

Link/ pdf: Intro/Essays

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