judith duquemin_copyright 2023_transformations_series perceiving_acrylic on canvas_30 cm sq x 5


Konstruktiv.ist Virtual Exhibition No. 12 / A.R.C. GROUP (Art Research Center Kansas City/Mo. USA)

 Produced and curated by Erdem Küçükköroğlu &

T. Michael Stevens. Istanbul, Turkey

www.konstruktiv.ist/ 22 May - 18 June 2023

REVIEW by Robert Richardson

My review of the A.R.C. 55th Anniversary Exhibition

Here is a link to my review of the A.R.C. 55th Anniversary Exhibition. It’s an online exhibition, which ends on 18 June (until then, there is a link to it in the third line of my text).



judith duquemin. copyright . 2023 codified construction #1. acrylic on canvas.

50 cm sq.

RECENT. 04 -13 May, 2023. Vernissage Mercredi 03. 1800 - 2100 hours

Splitting the Square" (Diviser le Carré). Curated by: Jean-Luc Manguin and Kleopatra Moursela. Galerie Abstract Projects. Paris, France

                                                                              CATALOG. https://www.abstract-project.com/expos/159_Splitting/159_Splittingthesquare.pdf

judith duquemin_copyright 2023_codified construction #3_acrylic on canvas_41 x 51 cm. SOLD

B R E A K I N G. Fall 2023

2023. "ARC 55 ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION". Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia. Curated by Darko Fritz. Artists to be announced.


"Discursive Geometry and More".

Edited by: Wieslaw Luczaj.

Published by: Goldenmark 2022.

Includes the essay: "Aperiodic Tessellation and Artistic Knowledge".

Author: Judith Duquemin

Link/ publication: https://discursivegeometry.art//dg-books/

Link/ pdf: Intro/Essays

Katalog DG & MORE_s.1-92_31.10.2022-f3585ae.pdf